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Deerskin car cleaning towel,Deerskin towel,Imitation deerskin towel

Deerskin car cleaning towel,Deerskin towel,Imitation deerskin towel
Product Detailed
Deerskin car cleaning towel,Deerskin towel,Imitation deerskin towel 1.Eco-friendly material 2.Super Absorbent 3.Non-stick fur

Deerskin car cleaning towel,Deerskin towel,Imitation deerskin towel1.Eco-friendly material2.Super Absorbent water3.Non-stick fur

4.soft tactility

[ product color ] : yellow, red, purple, green, and blue

[ product size ] : 43 * 32*0.2 cm  or  68 * 43*0.2cm

[ product material ] : the special technical manufacture, import PVA lined with mesh strengthen fiber, make it tensile strength than ordinary cotton towel. Is it will take things-the senior deerskin best alternative

[ packing ] : PP bags  or OPP bag

[ product features ] :

1, strong water absorption capability: this product is absorbent common towel, more than five times as much as wash hair brush try that do;2, clean force is 3 times of the common towel, make the skin bright; Fortitude, can tensile properties, tensile, a against article 10.3, soft delicate touch: comfortable massage skin, keep skin tender and delicate role, reduce the wrinkle;4, is the ideal substitute for the traditional towels: this product is dry a hard massive, the water that is soft, can use for a long time repeatedly.5, this product is made by the antibacterial PVA + MIC mouldproof made with environmental protection, 100% to prevent germs invasion and reproduction.

[ product use ] :

1) towel, protect hairAfter shampooing hair with towel wrapped in the deerskin massage gently thirty seconds hair will be natural dry. Discharged the blow to the dry hair when the electromagnetic wave, withered and yellow, open bifurcation, short crack. It is natural deerskin towel blot moisture, will not damage hair. And use for a long time can protect hair more insurable youth beautiful beautiful hair.2) beauty towel

Lady when discharge makeup, with general towel is easy to birth this bacteria, with long easy to cause the skin aging, make the skin loses luster become dim. And the deerskin one hundred percent antibacterial towel design, without any damage to the skin. As long as the deerskin towel with in the face, massage gently, can take out the face of the surface oil and residual makeup, long time use can rise to smooth skin pores, care of the role.3)  baby wipesThis product soft and fine and smooth, bibulous force is powerful, after bathing babies can rapidly blot on a cold water, avoid the baby. And that can protect baby young delicate skin, let the baby more health beautiful. Baby suddenly in bed pee, used to fast absorption, rescue cushion pad with urine deerskin towel is very good!!!!! Old people: the old upright gradually empty after shampoo, easy to catch a cold, synthetic deerskin towels are can solve the trouble back at home of old people.4) sports towelIn our movement from a lot of the body when will sweat, then the deerskin towel is your first choice of product, you as long as the deerskin towel on the body is rapidly blot sweat; Swimming in a bibulous absorb sweat also prevent back ultraviolet radiation, and beautiful and easy. Contact with the skin place than the average towel can be 2 °C, low than general towel cool, is sports, fitness, the Olympic Games is one of the finest when carry on swimming diving athletes of all countries use are the deerskin towel.5)  business out use towelTravel will synthesis deerskin towel in the BaoZhuangGuan, which can avoid the use of hotel towels, and are not as common as wet towel in the event of the mold, stale or soaked in the bag by other goods.6) pet towelIn the pet after a bath special not easy to wipe, easy to make pet illnesses, with the towel that deerskin pet wrapped up, can be in already short time to pet the moisture on the body of the absorption, more lovely pets clean, healthy.7), car clean towel

This article adopts the high-tech technology and advanced technology and refined; Bibulous very strong, feel good. Surface soft delicate; After wiping leave no cotton and water mark. Durable, but the car beauty products; Applicable scrub: windscreen, the body, chair, the dashboard effects such as extremely ideal. Product description: vacuuming, decontamination, oil absorption, good water imbibition, feel soft, clean water mark leaves, the double nap can rise to protect the function of the body is not easy to scratch. Around windshield, looks after MAO was not clean, bright transparent. The car lover is great help!!!!!8) home appliance brush towelThis product bibulous very strong. Excellent soft tactility. Face delicate; After wiping leave no cotton and water mark as home appliances, wipe the ideal effect, can be used to scrub: TV, computer fluorescence frequency, and refrigerators, washing machines, piano of high-grade home electrical appliances; It can effective nursing high-grade surface, strong prolong the life of the object.9) bibulous towelThis product, absorbent strong, after cleaning sweater with the deerskin twice as long as it can suck dry more than 90% of the water, and it can also be used to suck try wet carpet and comparatively thick clothes: not damage the original fiber clothing, also avoid carpet for long-term wet and cause mildew smell and bred worms consequences.10) furniture brush towelWe usually wipe furniture is to use towel to swab, towel off cotton, the LiuShui marks, and towel rough, easily scratch furniture surface. Use the deerskin swab, as long as it again towel wipe decontamination, go to the ash, strong, free use force cleaner, can furniture scrubbed leave no water mark and remove hair flocculent effect is excellent. Very good cleaning, so in clean water a gentle and clean, is the family health clean necessary supplies.11,)household wipe glass reception  Deerskin towel clean glass or in the bathroom mirror will not leave any fibrous material, decontamination, to ash, strong, free use force cleaner, also can clean kitchen utensils or used for disinfection tableware into dry before the ark tableware.

[ directions for use ] :

1. New opens, please first wash with water and this article 10 seconds, remove moisturizing factor, twist dry use.2. This product is dry a hard lump, before the use in the water that become soft, twist soak dry can use.3. If you need to use continuously, into the interior of the packing can keep soft.

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Deerskin car cleaning towel,Deerskin towel,Imitation deerskin towel

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